Steve Leoni
Founder, President and CEO

My Story
In high school, I was one of those kids that was always active in sports.  My sports were volleyball, basketball, hockey, track and badminton, and all competition was at a very high level.  This active schedule continued on through five years of college and university.  After my education was complete, reality took over and sports suddenly shifted from priority to luxury.  As life transitioned from my twenties to my thirties, I found that my time was absorbed by work, marriage and starting a family.  The time spent on sports dwindled down from 5-7 days a week to a meager 1-2 hours a week.  My time had officially arrived - I had become a "Weekend Warrior".  There was a new meaning for the words "six pack", which is now usually consumed along side a plate of chicken wings after a long, hard hour of playing recreational volleyball.  I am now a Fat Athlete.

What Does Fat Athlete Represent to Me?
Fat Athlete was conceived with the everyday athlete in mind.  Even though someone may not have that "swimmer's body" or isn't "jacked", it does not mean that they are not athletic.  People whom participate in sport, no matter what their shape or size, are athletes in their own right and that is something that people tend to overlook.

Who Would Wear the Fat Athlete Brand?
Anyone.  The beautiful thing about these two words together is that they cause a reaction.  When people see our logo on our clothes, there is always one of the following reactions:  laughter, a comment or a question.  For those that find the humour in the fact that "fat athlete" can be an oxymoron, laughter ensues.  For the people that get a kick out of the brand, there is usually a positive comment.  For the people that have questions about the brand, it is usually "what does Fat Athlete mean?", which then is followed by my story of going from Fit to Fat as outlined above.

Other Facts:
Father of two, Husband of one
Assistant Coach for Lakeside Volleyball Club (Oakville, ON)
       - U18 Girls Volleyball team (#1 Ranked Team in Ontario in 2013)
Retired Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist
Avid fan of all professional and amateur sports



Kristine Shaver
Co-Founder, CMO

My Story
I was an athlete growing up. I loved sports. As a young adult I played softball and volleyball avidly. In fact I remember practicing volleyball on Christmas day once, which didn’t faze me in the least. I was also a passionate cyclist.  My home town of Burlington, Ontario became too small for my day rides. As time progressed and I graduated University I began seeking adult leagues for Volleyball and any other sport that permitted me to play around my busy work life.  I picked up Ultimate Frisbee and was happy for the intense cardio work out.
Fast forward to today. Family and work responsibilities are demanding to say the least.  As a mom, I placed myself second the minute Steve and I decided to have kids. It’s the nature of the beast and so began the decline of my sports activities. Competition has always been a motivator for me which is why I would rather race my kids up the stairs than go to the gym. I will always consider myself an athlete however now I simply “play” when time permits. I do the best I can, when I can and I don’t beat myself up when I fall short or choose to have a second helping.

What Does Fat Athlete® Represent to Me?
When someone asks me “what is Fat Athlete” I have my own unique response. You see, I have always considered myself to be a “skinny fat”. That is one that tries to eat healthy and makes a conscious effort to attempt to be active, but often falls short. Why? Well, I do in fact follow a very healthy diet but I don’t restrict myself from life’s guilty pleasures and I don’t ever go to the gym. Ha! No wonder why, right? Don’t get me wrong, I like to be active. You have just read “my story” that proves that.  I just don’t always get the chance. I don’t know where the time goes in a day! Sound familiar? 
Probably the most important thing to me of all is ensuring that my young girls do not grow up with a negative image of FAT. Fat should never be considered exclusive of fit. Nor should skinny imply you are healthy. Fat Athlete is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle lived on your terms and your terms alone. The Fat Athlete embraces who they are no matter what their size. The Fat Athlete lives life with a healthy sense of humor and self-confidence. What does Fat Athlete represent to me? It’s a celebration of the occasional athlete who still makes a commitment to be the best they can be in life and in sport.

Other Facts:
Mother of 2 + 1
Would rather play than watch
Guelph University graduate with a concentration in Food Science and Nutrition



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