Apr 2020

Almost There?

Anyone that is even a moderately casual sports fan is most likely itching for live sports to be back in action.  If the overwhelming success of the "The Last Dance" on ESPN, chronicling the final Championship run of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in 1998, is any indication, we are clamouring for any hint of "new" within the sports world.  Don't get me wrong - the 10-part documentary is some of


Mar 2020

What Lies Ahead?

To quote a famous Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine lyric, "Where do we go now?".  Fantastic song from an iconic band. Massive questions still surround the fate of all professional sports leagues around the globe as to whether or not to continue, start or delete the season.  I am in awe of the staggering numbers broadcast on numerous media outlets confirming the breadth and depth of this pandemic. 


Mar 2020

Sunday Runaround

A weekly roundup of what is happening in the world of sports that is important to me: Golf The most exciting thing that happened this week was watching JT, Ricky and Brooks swing and crush balls left handed.  I would die to be able to swing with my dominant side 1/10th as well as they did as lefties.  Kudos to those boys for being amazing at just about anything they