It's been a while, yet so little has changed. The last post published on this site was April 29, 2020.  More than a year has passed, and we still cannot live our lives in some semblance of what they were pre-pandemic.  Sure, a few vaccines have been given but a lockdown unlike any other seen before has pushed the good people of Ontario to their breaking point.  Mentally, physically,


Apr 2020

Almost There?

Anyone that is even a moderately casual sports fan is most likely itching for live sports to be back in action.  If the overwhelming success of the "The Last Dance" on ESPN, chronicling the final Championship run of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in 1998, is any indication, we are clamouring for any hint of "new" within the sports world.  Don't get me wrong - the 10-part documentary is some of

One major thing I took away from watching Episodes one and two of “The Last Dance” on ESPN on Sunday night was that I truly miss the Michael Jordan era. I am a massive basketball fan, an NBA fan through and through, and if I am being quite honest, today’s game does not have the same feel that it did in the 90’s and although I respect every athlete that

A ray of light has been cast by the PGA. Although the EPL technically made the first comment about a restart to the Premier League in early June, it is the PGA that has given us the most hope for a return to sports before the start of the summer season.  Albeit, tournaments will not be played live in front of adoring fans, the fact that there is chatter about


Apr 2020

Top Of The Class

I consider myself lucky to have grown up watching in awe the infamous career of Michael Jordan flourish into what was inevitably going to be the most historic and storied career of an NBA player for a Century (still counting). There is no doubt that Michael Jordan was the best to ever play the game, not just for his athletic ability but for everything that he brought to the sport,

Tomas Kaberle, best known in North America as one of the leaders of the Toronto Maple Leafs for the better part of 12 years in the NHL, has been doing his part to chip in and help out his with, Julia, with food deliveries to customers from her Toronto restaurant. For more on this story, please head over to CTV NEWS. I followed the Leafs for many years before loosing