It's been a while, yet so little has changed.

The last post published on this site was April 29, 2020.  More than a year has passed, and we still cannot live our lives in some semblance of what they were pre-pandemic.  Sure, a few vaccines have been given but a lockdown unlike any other seen before has pushed the good people of Ontario to their breaking point.  Mentally, physically, one has escaped without a scar or two from this pandemic and from this government.

I guess I should relate this post somehow to sports seeing as that is the loose theme of this site.  First, I give all the credit I can fathom to the front line workers for their tireless efforts in trying to control our hospitals and ICU's.  I give credit to the teachers for being nimble with the constant bullshit that is thrown their way from the Ford government whom say out of one side of their mouths that schools are the safest place the kids can be, and then subsequently spew out of the other side of their mouths that the kids need to stay home while we get this third wave under control.  Sure, Doug, the schools aren't the issue.  It's that the kids bring the virus into the schools from their community and thus spreads through schools in that manner.  Thanks, Professor Brainiac (credit: Homer Simpson).

Don't get me wrong...I can't stand that whack job of an Opposition Leader, Andrea Horwath.  Is there anything that falls out of her yap that isn't a complaint or attack of some sort?  Has she ever said one positive word about anything?  Seriously...I don't know how people keep electing her in her riding.  What a disgrace of a human being.  But I digress.

Ok...on to the sports part of this post (rant).

Golf courses.  Why are they closed?  Why were they ever closed?  I can't think of a bigger area of land in any community that is occupied and utilized less then when golfers are on it.  Ford's ridiculous excuse of 'congregating afterward to have a few pops' is ludicrous at best.  Even if this were the case, does he not trust that those partaking in a bevy or two couldn't keep their distance aprés round?  It's not like they can go hang out on a patio somewhere and share some cheer.  Have some respect for your people, Doug.

Outdoor Recreation spaces.   This one is baffling to me on every level.  Has any politician been to a Costco or a grocery store in the last 14 months?  I was at Costco today and outside of lining up to get in, there was no rhyme or reason to the shopping experience.  Free for all, no thought of distancing as people jam their carts full of goods.  You cannot convince me that being outdoors in a controlled training/playing environment is a worse spot to be than ANY retail store - essential or otherwise.  Same goes for basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds (oh wait...those have been open the whole time.  You know, where any number of young kids are touching every piece of equipment without sanitized hands...yet they are safer than an open air sports field).

I am pissed off now.  I am done with this.  The post, the lockdown.  The politicians.  Everyone.  I don't think 'Doug and the Slugs' should be the ones who get to decide if we should be in a stay-at-home situation.  I think the nurses should be the ones to tell us when it is good to loosen restrictions.  Let's face it - they are the ones that have the pulse of the pandemic in their face at all times.  When they can breath again, that is when restrictions should be lifted.  Sure, that might mean that we would stay in lockdown for another couple of months while they harness the third wave, however maybe if they had control in the first place there wouldn't have been a third wave.

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