A ray of light has been cast by the PGA.

Although the EPL technically made the first comment about a restart to the Premier League in early June, it is the PGA that has given us the most hope for a return to sports before the start of the summer season.  Albeit, tournaments will not be played live in front of adoring fans, the fact that there is chatter about the PGA starting up again in a month and a half is the news that so many sports fans have been waiting for.

I am totally on board for the PGA being the first to the table, as it is possibly the most logical professional sport to operate without fans and offers the highest levels of a controlled environment.  Is it the most popular option among North American sports?  Possibly not.  However, if we are still within the realm of physical distancing and self-isolation, then there is no better sport to take the reins and provide the live entertainment that we are all clamouring for.

Believe me, I will be watching any live sport that returns to the airwaves.  A cricket match?  I'll take it.  Pick-up sticks?  Sold.  Anything at this point is better than nothing.  Of course, doing everything is a safe manner is of utmost importance, but I think anyone, at this point, would welcome something other than COVID-19 coverage, if even for only four days per weekend starting in June.

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