Mar 2020

Sunday Runaround

A weekly roundup of what is happening in the world of sports that is important to me:


The most exciting thing that happened this week was watching JT, Ricky and Brooks swing and crush balls left handed.  I would die to be able to swing with my dominant side 1/10th as well as they did as lefties.  Kudos to those boys for being amazing at just about anything they do.

More tournament delays/postponements as to be expected.  Looking forward to getting through the pandemic and being overloaded with golf for four months.  Bring it on!


Thank god Brady has signed.  Maybe this coming week's sports coverage will be on other player signings that happened.  I am sure Brady will still be the headline, but enough is enough.  The guy is the GOAT but I would much prefer to hear about how other teams are making out in free agency.  Same goes for Dak - let's move on already.  They have signed...get to new news.


While I would love to be caught up in all of the replays of past playoff runs, nothing will replace what was going to be an amazing stretch run for the top teams in the East and West.  Although most playoff teams were pretty much decided minus the 8th seed in the West, there was still lots of time for teams to jockey for position in order to avoid the Bucks and Lakers before the Conference finals.  Hopefully we get to see how things play out this year.  It won't be the same as there will have to be some consolidation and re-tooling of the schedule to accommodate at least a few regular season games to be played prior to a possibly condensed playoff schedule.  What the case, I can't wait.

It was a tragedy that the NCAA tournaments (men and women...and all NCAA winter and spring sports for that matter) had to be cancelled.  A total bummer, and I feel for the Seniors of any NCAA team and sport that their collegiate sports career had to end the way it did.  I understand that the NCAA extend eligibility for an extra year to those Seniors, however I would have to think that most of them will forego the extra year and move on to starting their careers or moving into their post-collegiate studies as the vast majority of these kids will not play professionally in their chosen sports.


I read that Belarus' Premier League is still operating even though all other European Football leagues have shut down.  I am on the fence with this decision, however I do not know enough about the situation in Belarus to give an honest opinion.  My gut tells me that they should shut it down, considering that it is just the beginning of their season (akin to the MLS schedule).  What harm could it do to delay the start of the season a couple of weeks and let the mayhem subside a bit before you get into game action.

With that said, it doesn't look promising for the major European Football leagues to start up again any time soon.  As a fan, it is tough to go without especially since this is usually the best time of the year in European sports.  Nonetheless, we are all coping with a new reality so it is what it is.


10 years ago, I was a huge hockey fan.  I wouldn't go a night without checking scores, watching the Capitals when I could, watching Maple Leaf games on Saturdays, etc.  Today, I could care less about the state of the sport.  Hockey has become so boring to me (a kid that grew up with skates cemented to my feet).  Unless it is the World Juniors, I don't ever flip the channels to see what hockey game is on.  If it was the only sport on TV right now, I still don't think I could watch it.  It has lost all of its luster, and I know I am not the only one to think this way.  I have a number of friends that have said the same to me...it just doesn't have the same appeal as it once did.  I don't speak for all of course, but something has gone awry and needs to be fixed.  I am not sure what the fix is unfortunately.


Another sport that I could take or leave.  It has got me through some of the quieter times in the dead of summer, but really it is just something to throw on the TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon while trying to stave off a nap.  The delay to the start of the season has little impact on my life, but I am sure that the Houston Astros are okay with all of the "attention" that they were getting in spring training has fallen away due to the pandemic.  I am sure that all of the vitriol will return once things settle down and get back to normal, but I can't help but think that the Astros organization is not in a hurry to start the season.


The only positive coming out of the delay to ATP and WTA world events is that some of our favourite players are getting the opportunity to heal from injury.  Yes, Roger, we are thinking about you.  Get well soon and hopefully see you at Wimbledon in June and July.  You too, Bianca.

Horse Racing

I am truly bumped that the Kentucky Derby has been delayed until September.  The silver lining, if you choose to see one, is that the didn't outright cancel it, so there's that.  Again, it is typically such an exciting time of year in sports with the Final Four, The Masters, The Derby, UCL, etc.  Stupid COVID-19.


Until next time, stay safe, stay entertained and most importantly...stay away from others.  Use the plethora of options that you have at your fingertips to connect with people.  My kids are commended for the amount of time they are on electronics now...we tell them to keep talking to all of their friends and stay social, as much as possible.  Oh, and maybe do an online math quiz or creative writing exercise.  Times have changed.

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