What is there to say?  A lot of transactions...some sounds, some not-so-much.  I hated the Hopkins deal (for the Texans, not the Cards), I am ECSTATIC that the Brady deal is all but over (can't listen to media outlets gush over this guy anymore), but I do have some questions for the LA Rams about the Gurley II release. C'mon man.

I get it.  He had an off year.  The Rams trotted him out there for what felt like 99% of the plays two seasons ago, ran him into the ground, got him injured, and he couldn't carry the team on his shoulders to the Superbowl. I don't have the stats handy (why would I...this is a commentary lacking substance) but I know Gurley II was horrifically under-utilized during the 2019 season.  Yes, he was coming off injury.  Yes, the Rams were down in a number of games.  Enough semantics.  The Rams did not use Gurley II nearly enough throughout the 2019 season and who pays the price?  Gurley II.  Hopefully it is a blessing in disguise and that he lands with a team that will appreciate the fact that he had 14 TD's last season and was playing in an inept offence with McVay operating with a sizeable brain fart for most of the season.  Goff was horribly inefficient, their WR1 was injured for most of the year, and the TE2 carried most of the burden for the Rams in most games.  Let's get real for a minute - Gurley II was a scapegoat for what was a disastrous encore to a wonderfully wild 2018 run.

In the end, it is a business.  Gurley II will end up in a better situation (Redskins...please answer any calls from his agent).  The Rams seem to be hosting a fire sale so far this off-season.  Things do not seem right for the Rams right now, and quite frankly, I am not too torn up about it.  I just think that Gurley II's dismissal was unjust.  Maybe he asked for it, and that is ok.  However, he was a warrior for the Rams since he first stepped on an NFL field, and to release the man with four years left on his contract in the fashion that they did just doesn't sit well.

Good luck, Mr. Gurley II.  Can't wait to see you buck the Rams in 2020.

Update:  The Falcons have added Gurley II to their offence.  The NFC South is going to be the Division to watch in 2020!

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