With COVID-19 dominating everything under the sun and forcing everyone to stay indoors, I have to think that the Houston Texans brass went a little stir crazy on Monday afternoon and decided to make one of the worst trades in NFL history.

I am sure that money was a huge driving factor in the decision to give up a Top-5 receiver and astonishing playmaker in order to once again try to plug-n-play yet another running back that has seen better days, but to me the Texans got this all so very wrong.  With Will Fuller's struggles to stay on the field annually (he is a talent, but never a sure bet to finish a game) and a sub-par set of receivers that follow, it pains me to think what is running through DeShaun Watson's mind today as he waves goodbye to his most dangerous offensive weapon outside of his own two feet.

As a life-long Washington Redskins fan, I have been subjected to a plethora of poor receiving cores over the last couple of decades.  Every September, TE Jordan Reed would give me a reason to be hopeful not matter who the signal caller was at the start of the year.  Zonk.  Last season, I thought that it would be a breakout year for promising young receiver Josh Doctson entering his third year and recovered from injury.  Zonk.  The Redskins offence had to ultimately rely on one of the best running backs in the game (many moons ago) to have even a hint of an opportunity to win a game....and the pain continues.  But I digress.

Shipping Hopkins out of town on Monday leaves a huge hole in what was one of the most exciting and dynamic aerial attacks in the AFC.  Maybe there are more moves to come as free agency starts to stretch its legs, however I just don't see how this move, money aside, makes a Houston Texans fan feel confident about the teams prospects of progressing further in the playoffs next season.  No disrespect to WR Randall Cobb, but he is not the answer.

Let's pray that there is a season to play.  Hopefully COVID-19 leaves this planet as fast as a Texan fan's playoff aspirations!

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    17 03 2020

    Couldn’t agree more! Total and utter tragedy for the fans of the Texans.

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