As first reported early Tuesday morning by Norwegian FA, Euro 2020 has been postponed and rescheduled for June 2021.  It is no news to anyone that Football in Europe and around the globe is in complete disarray due to the proliferation of COVID-19, with many parts of Europe being severely impacted by the virus.

As a long time follower of the EPL and an avid supporter of Arsenal FC, the news of the EPL suspending the season was a crushing blow as there was a glimmer of hope that EPL games would continue despite the fact that all major sports league around the world were shuttering doors and forcing their players into self-isolation for 14 days.  Of course, the ELP and all other professional sport organizations made the prudent choice and halted all future matches indefinitely, but the fact that the EPL shut things down after Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for COVID-19 was another kick in the groin to a long and arduous season for the Gunners and their fans.  I am getting off-topic now...let me reel it in.

With UEFA pushing the Euro Cup to 2021, there are numerous clashes with other events that will definitely have some fall out.  The Women's Euro 2021, The Nations League and the Under-21 Championships are just to name a few, so we will see what happens with these events in the coming weeks and months.

On a personal and totally selfish level, the fact that Euro 2020 has been pushed back a year is bittersweet.  This is one of my favourite sporting events, so waiting another year is definitely not ideal.  However, if the coronavirus somehow miraculously becomes contained within the next six weeks (fingers, toes and eyes crossed), we could conceivably see the return and completion of the EPL season and Liverpool be crowned the Champs as they so rightly deserve for a remarkable season.  We will also see the race for the last UCL spot heat up, and of course the battles for relegation and promotion play out naturally.  On the flip side, a cancellation and voiding of the current EPL campaign might be exactly what Arsenal need to salvage any kind of hope of a return to European competition next season.

However things play out, the most critical issue right now is the health and well-being of those who have, have had, are close to or know someone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  I truly hope that sports are back up and running by May or June, as that will mean that the pandemic is under control and fading away.

A wish of good health to all.

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